Are  you dreaming of writing a book? Maybe you have already started, but you just can't seem to get to the finish line.

Do you wish you had someone to assist you in developing and executing your production and post-production marketing plans?


Are you an expert in your field, but aren't sure how to leverage your expertise into additional sales & revenue?

Do you wish you had someone to guide you through the general management process and support your solo entrepreneur efforts?


Are you a keynote or motivational speaker who is too busy speaking to build a sales force to curate more speaking engagements?

Do you wish you had a team to make those sales calls and book those speeches for you?

"This girl is on fire! I've consulted with Lorena several times and would consider her a marketing and networking master. She provides practical advice that helps small businesses play with the big boys and has challenged me to push through my self imposed limitations on numerous occasions. Spending time with her leaves me energized and inspired."  

-Lori Bishop, Vice President - Wealth Financial Planning Stategist at BB&T

Lorena's Experience....

A catalyst and collaborative coach for small businesses and organizations, Lorena Rostig is a marketing & project manager for clients like speakers, authors, and industry experts.

Her experience comes from being a professional speaker, a co-author, and the former National Spokeswoman for Women Inc.  

Lorena has helped launch multiple books & products including, "Nobody is a Nobody: The Story of a Harlem Ministry Hard at Work to Change America," by Eugene Callender;  "Maximum Security: The True Meaning of Freedom," by Alan Gompers; "Spaces of Sanctuary:  Discovering Peace & Contentment through Prose & Poetry," by Mario Starace and "The Yoga of Courage," by Kathleen "Shivani" Walker. Lorena is the co-author of Nobody is a Nobody.

"We must all find that something that makes us wake up in the morning with our soul on fire. A thought, a story, a service. Whatever it is, let it be ignited."